bit part

Resilient, the sensitive

In an instance a fixed qualification to measure potential

The sensitive.

Your living energy must be evident to everyone.

Resilient! Each new shape!

A possibility of invisibility but not to me.

In an instance a fixed appraisal of worth

The sensitive.

Repetition, force, certainty living within the words.

‘You are not meeting your potential’

The invisibility of self from self.


Tenacity, the resignation

I am not going to make something more of what is here.

Or what I have done.

Or what I continue to do.

It matters to me! This I am sure. You are there and I see you.

You are in all places and I notice you.

Connectedness. This to that and that to all of it.

You are not discarded or forgotten.

You are more than a memory or compelling.